2022 March Madness Predictions: College Basketball Expert Choices, Contradictions, Lines for Sweet 16 Games Thursday

Before the Sweet 16 exams, it is time to get the confession: March Madness No. My month. The good news is, ahead of Thursday’s Sweet 16 fun, our experts are choosing – we’re starting to act again today! – More features than your actual features. Gary Parish, Matt Norlander and Chip Patterson ride the heaters in this second wave game, and David Cobs also had a nice little run.

So if you want to change their choices, I fully understand. Or if you In fact I want to earn a bag and it may be the real deal to make me faint. When you look at our choices below that choice is yours.

Anyway, I have reunited our experts to make choices straight and against the spread, to help you prepare for the first day of the second week of the competition and to choose your bracket. ) You can also check us out Expert brackets Or ours Reset the brackets for the third round.

Be sure to stay tuned to CBS Sports throughout the month for NCAA tournament coverage until the final four. Let’s take a look at our expert selections for the finals of the third round matches to be held on Thursday.

Contradictions by Caesars Sportsbook | East at all times

NCAA Tournament: Sweet 16 Choices

(1) Gonzaga vs. (4) Arkansas

Thursday, 7:09 pm | CBS, March Madness Live: Gonzaga has not covered a spread in four of its last five games, including two NCAA tournament matches. However, Arkansas has spread to 20 of its 35 games this season and is trailing 4-1-0 ATS. TeamRankings.com. It feels like a reasonable number to clear the 8.5-point line for the Razarbacks team, which has staff who can win a shootout or slugfest and fit in favorably with the Jacks. Choice: Arkansas +9


ARK +9

ARK +9 ARK +9 ARK +9 ARK +9 ARK +9




(2) Villanova vs. (11) Michigan)

Thursday, 7:29 pm | TBS, March Madness Live: Villanova now looks like the strongest No. 2 seed left in parentheses. It doesn’t say much – two of the four seeds like this are already at home, and the other, Duke seems vulnerable – but it counts for something. This J Wright trained Wildgates team is old, experienced and plays well. Trump has to make a difference enough to cover their advantage in the backcourt, their downside in the frontcourt, the spread. Choice: Villanova-5



My +5 My +5 Nova-5 My +5 Nova-5



Noah Noah Noah Noah Noah

(2) Duke vs. (3) Texas Tech

Thursday, 9:39 pm | CBS, March Madness Live: What Feels A backward play is not in the view of the paradoxes. Texas Tech, ranked 3rd in the West Zone tournament, is giving 1.5 points to Duke, ranked 2nd. I put it with the Red Riders. Their defense is outrageous, and Duke’s overall matchup is a dream come true, even with several days to go. Choice: Texas Tech-1.5


Duke +1.5

Duke +1.5 TTU -1.5 TTU -1.5 TTU -1.5 TTU -1.5




(1) Arizona vs. (5) Houston

Thursday, 9:59 pm | TBS, March Madness Live: Arizona had to go overtime to take care of TCU in the second round, and it really struggled the way the horned frogs broke the attack boards. This is especially true against Houston, who are ranked third best attacking rebounding team in all of the college rings. But this is the area where I suspect Tommy Lloyd and his Wildcats staff will be ready for battle before Thursday. I like to give Jonah points if he reduces talent as I suspect. Choice: Arizona-2



Aris-2 Aris-2 Aris-2 Aris-2 HOU +2




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