A federal judge has found Trump guilty of crimes in the 2020 election

WASHINGTON – Former President Donald J. A federal judge on Monday ruled that Trump and a lawyer who advised him on how to change the 2020 election could have committed crimes including obstructing the work of Congress and plotting to deceive the United States.

The judge’s comments in the civil case of lawyer John Eastman marked a significant turning point for the House committee investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol. The weigh-in panel used a criminal recommendation for the judiciary A filing In the case of exposing the crimes that Mr. Trump believed he might have committed.

Mr. Trump has not been charged and the judge’s verdict has no immediate, practical legal impact on him. But, Joseph r. Mr. Biden Jr.’s blocking Congress from certifying election college victory. It basically confirmed the committee’s argument that Trump’s efforts could escalate into a criminal conspiracy.

Judge David O. of the Central District of California. Carter wrote, “The illegality of the plan is obvious.” Ignoring this history, President Trump actively campaigned for the 2020 election results to be decided solely by the Vice President.

Mr. Trump and Mr. The actions taken by Eastman, Judge Carter found, were “a conspiracy to seek a legal principle”.

The judiciary is conducting a wide-ranging investigation into the Capitol attack, but it has not been able to find Mr. He did not give any public indication that he was considering a criminal case against Trump. The criminal recommendation of the House Committee was made by Attorney General Merrick P. The pressure on Garland may increase.

The judge’s verdict came as the committee continued its investigation. This week alone, those familiar with the investigation say the panel lined up testimony from four top Trump White House officials, including Jared Kushner, the former president’s nephew and adviser who is scheduled for Thursday’s interview.

Mr. Trump’s two other allies, Peter Navarro, a former White House adviser and former vice president, Don Scovino Jr. – the panel is ready to recommend that Congress be charged with criminal contempt for their involvement in the efforts. To cancel the 2020 election and refuse to comply with their group saponas.

But Judge Carter’s decision may be the biggest development of the investigation to date, with investigators convicting a federal judge. They have created a case strong enough to convince Trump of his guilt and have drawn up a roadmap for a possible criminal recommendation.

Judge Carter concluded that Conservative lawyer Mr. Eastman wrote a note comparing the blueprint for the coup d’etat by members of both parties to send more than 100 emails to the committee.

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Mr. Eastman’s lawyer said A statement on Monday He “respectfully disagreed” with Judge Carter’s findings but complied with the order to change the documents.

In a statement praising the judge’s decision, the House committee chaired by Benny Thompson, a Democrat from Mississippi, and Liz Cheney, a Wyoming Republican who represents Wyoming, and Jan. 6, said the country should not allow what happened on 2021. , “Should be reduced and these threats to our democracy simply cannot be accepted.” Mr. Trump has not issued a public statement on the ruling.

Jan. When Congress convened on June 6, 2021, Mr Pence called on Vice President Mike Pence not to issue certificates to voters from several major swing states. The panel will now receive a number of documents related to the legal strategy proposed by Eastman. These emails are pursuing a political strategy: to force Vice President Pence to take unilateral action on January 6, ”Judge Carter wrote.

In one of the documents, according to the verdict, Mr. Another Trump lawyer is Rudolph W. An e-mail containing a draft memo to Giuliani suggested that Mr Pence “reject voters from the contesting states.”

“This is the first time President Trump’s team members have turned the legal interpretation of the Electoral Act into a day-to-day program,” Judge Carter wrote.

Mr. Eastman filed a lawsuit against the panel, seeking to persuade a judge to block the panel’s sapona for the documents in his possession. As part of the case, Mr. Eastman sought to protect the publication of closed documents by attorney-client privilege.

In return, the panel argued that – under the principle of law known as the crime-fraud exception – this offer does not include information that would be communicated from a client to a lawyer if it were part of a crime further or cover-up.

The panel told its investigators Accumulated evidence Mr. Trump, Mr. Proved that he could be charged with criminal offenses, including obstructing the official actions of Congress against Eastman and other allies and conspiring to deceive the American people.

Judge Carter, nominated by President Bill Clinton, admitted that he not only conspired to deceive the United States, but also wrote that he believed that “there may have been a dishonest conspiracy to obstruct the joint session of Congress on January 6.” 2021. “

“Dr. Eastman and President Trump launched a campaign to overthrow a democratic election, a move unprecedented in American history, “he wrote.

Mr. Trump and Mr. Eastman has violated the law “too much” – Mr. Judge Carter noted that the former president facilitated the two meetings – the legal standard for determining whether Eastman can claim attorney-client privilege. A few days before January 6, he was “openly linked with forcing Vice President Pence to disrupt the joint session of Congress.”

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At the first meeting, January. On the 4th, Mr. Trump and Mr. Mr. Eastman. Benz and his two main aides, Greg Jacob and Mark Short, were invited to the Oval Office. There, Judge Carter wrote, Mr. Eastman “presented his plan to Vice President Pence, focusing on rejecting the election or delaying the count.”

Following that meeting, Judge Carter wrote on January 5 that Mr. Mr. Eastman again. Made Jacob cooperate with the plan.

Mr. Trump continued to put pressure on Mr Pence even on Jan. 6, wrote Judge Carter, a former president. He noted that he had made several last-minute appeals to Pence. On Twitter. Mr. Trump called Mr Pence, wrote Judge Carter, and urged him to “call again” to implement the plan.

Mr. directly to the House Committee. Although Judge Trump has no authority to lay charges against Trump and is not a party to the Eastman civil lawsuit, Judge Carter’s ruling on Monday underscores the continuing question of whether Mr Trump can face both criminal charges. His business dealings and his attempts to change the outcome of the election.

Last week, The New York Times reports Mr. A New York City lawyer who investigated Trump’s financial dealings has accused the former president of “multiple crimes” in how he handled his real estate and business dealings before taking office. Attorney, Mark F. Bomarants, Mr. The assessment of Trump came in a letter last month, in which Mr. Mr Trump has announced his resignation from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, which has stopped pursuing charges against him. Boomerangs announced.

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Mr. Trump is also facing trial from a district attorney in Atlanta Recently convened a special assembly To help investigate the former president’s attempts to change the outcome of the 2020 election in Georgia.

That inquiry was led by Mr. His actions in the two months between Trump’s election defeat and the certification of congressional results called for pressure on Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Rafenzberger, to “find 11,780 votes.” Mr Trump lost the state.

In the White House, Mr. The House committee is seeking a comprehensive account of Trump’s efforts and how they led to the attack on Capitol. Mr. Among the documents the panel now receives from Eastman is “a series of events for days before and after January 6, if Vice President Pence delays counting or rejects election votes,” Judge Carter wrote in an email. Wrote.

To map out the impact of potential Supreme Court cases and the impact of various judicial implications, Mr. Benz.

Do not certify certain election votes. The panel will also receive documents related to members of the state legislature involved in the attempt to persuade Pence. In one of them, Judge Carter wrote that Republican members of the Arizona Legislature, Mr. Letter to Pence. The other two letters were sent to Georgia State Senator Mr. Letters sent to Trump.

The panel has already questioned more than 750 witnesses. John McKenzie, the former president’s personal leader, testified Monday; Anthony Ornado, the former White House chief of staff, was scheduled to testify Tuesday; And former deputy national security adviser Matthew Pottinger, who will do so at a later date, sources familiar with the investigation said.

Mr. Navarro and Mr. The referendum on contempt of Scavino was expected to be unanimous, and the matter would be referred to the full council, which would then vote to recommend the charge to the judiciary. He faces up to a year in prison for contempt of Congress.

Mr. Navarro and Mr. Both Mr. Scavino and Mr. They argued that Trump’s promises of administrative privilege prevented him from testifying, and that President Biden – who had relinquished administrative privilege to both – had no authority to relinquish executive privilege over testimony. Senior aide to the former president.

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