All the highlights of the 64th Grammy Awards

That’s it, but because the Ukrainian president appeared in the middle of the show Volodymyr ZhelenskyTalking about Ukrainian musicians wearing body armor and asking for support, everything landed in an environment that seemed to be escaping from last week’s Oscars.

For a moment, the night of music and celebration stopped and the focus turned to the current invasion and plight of the Ukrainian people.

“War – What’s other than music?” Zhelensky said. “We defend our freedom, we want to live, we sound. We are fighting against Russia, which is bringing terrible peace to our soil with bombs. Dead silence. Fill the silence with your music! Fill today. Tell our story. Tell the truth about the war.”


It was a great night, especially for the three artists, who came out with four great honors for the night.

John Bottist won Best Album of the Year for “We Are”, Silk Sonic won the record and Song of the Year for “Leave the Door Open” and Olivia Rodrigo emerged as Best New Artist.

Doja Gate and SZA had an unforgettable success – Doja Gate’s emotional response and almost snatched her moment due to her time wasted bathroom break. However, it all worked out for the new winners of the Best Pop Double / Team Performance Award.


Herr, Travis Parker and Lenny Kravitz "Are you gonna go my way"

Zhelensky’s aforementioned appearance revealed John Legend’s performance, singing “Free”, wearing a blue dress and a visual salute to Ukraine.

He was accompanied on stage by Ukrainian singer Mika Newton, musician Siuzana Ikidan and poet Luba Yakimsuk.

Four Fighters Drummer Taylor Hawkins Honored at the top of the In Memorial section, which is a collection of four stunning individuals, “Somewhere” from the musical “West Side Story”. Rachel Ziegler (the star of the latest musical), Ben Plot, Cynthia Erivo and Leslie Odum Jr. put together the most interesting moment of the show.

Elsewhere, BTS staged their hit “Butter” to take on high-energy. Lil Nass co-starred with Jack Harlow in “Industry Baby” against a large stone statue of his own face. Billy Elish brought heat and rain during the song “Always Happy”, which certainly did not make Grammy’s wipe bands happier than ever (but seemed to cheer the crowd on). (In an even better connection, the shows were often introduced by members of behind-the-scenes groups of artists – such as tour managers.)

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Nominated 11 times this year, Batiste showcased his piano skills in a live edition of “Freedom”.

His and Lenny Kravitz – along with Travis Parker on drums – knocked down the house with the rocking tag “Are You Going To Go My Way”.

What more can you ask of the villagers?

Red carpet

Justin Bieber and Hayley Bieber come to the village.
Before the action on the actual show, The red carpet proved You can only get Grammy Awards.

Under normal circumstances, the Grammys would take place in January or February, several weeks before the regular finals of the Oscars season. (Actually, the Grammy Awards have not taken place since April 1965.) But there was something apt about covering the lively red carpet of the awards season with the season.

Lil Nas X showed that pearls are the best friend of a successful maker. Justin Bieber wore a dress made for the two of them. Jay Pauline wore his heart on his head. And KTS Taehyung of BTS, who plays V, wore all the paper flowers on her lap at the prom and beautified it.

In fact, men stole this year’s fashion show, but women were strongly represented in the trend setting segment. See: Doja cat hair spikes and Lavern Cox thorny thin eyebrows.

The biggest trend of the night, however, was another promise Noah made at the top of the show – a reference to it Others Exciting moment of the show: Everyone withdrew the names of others from their mouths. We were all good at it.

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