Armando Bagot (ankle) ‘ready to play’ for North Carolina Thar Heels in men’s basketball title match

New Orleans – North Carolina star big man Armando Pagot He is scheduled to play in the national championship game against Kansas on Monday night.

Pagot suffered a sprained ankle in Saturday’s victory over UNC 81-77 against Duke in the final four. He left less than a minute of play time after injury and moved slowly in the final minutes of the second half. Thor Heels coach Hubert Davis said Bogot was scheduled to train on Sunday, but insisted the team’s full workout would be minimal. He said Pogot’s X-rays were negative and the swelling was not high.

“He’s ready to play tomorrow night,” Davis said.

Pagot is a very tough player to transfer to UNC if he is limited. He is the project’s leading scorer (16.3 PPG) and rebound (13.1 RPG), and his recovery overall rank is 3rd in the country. According to, he ranks 8th in defensive recovery percentage (30.2%) and 21st in offensive rebound percentage (14.9%).

Pagot said on Sunday that he had been receiving treatment since the end of the game. After the X-rays, he said he spent two hours on ankle treatment and then got up and went down to the pool for rehab on Sunday morning. He said he had his ankle clenched in his hands while working on homework for a sports facility class on Sunday morning. He told reporters Sunday afternoon that it contained stimulant therapy.

“We have no other great man, so I have no choice,” Bagot said.

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Options called tar heels behind the bacot are not appealing. They can move 6-ft-9 forward Brady Manek For the 5th place he often played against Kansas while in Oklahoma. That would create a tough mismatch within the UNC against Kansas. David McCormackThe season-high 25-point against Villanova comes from Blitz.

McCormack is a 6-foot-10, 250-pound forward, and the comfort of his touch turned him into a human bowler on Saturday night. He celebrated one night with 10 rebounds with nine rebounds with self-congratulatory muscle flexes.

The winner of the national title on Monday night “may eventually come to the winner of that tournament,” Davis said.

If the title Camille Pagode is limited and UNC wants Manek to avoid playing post defense against McCormick, heels could switch to reserve forwards. Justin McCoy (6-8, 220) or Tontress Styles (6-6, 210). None of those options are attractive to UNC.

“We have no other great human beings,” Bagot said. “Who knows what Dave McCormick would do if I didn’t play?”

6-11 No forward Dawson Garcia If Bacot is restricted from the UNC list or finds a faulty issue again it would be great. Garcia, a Marquette Transfer, last played for UNC on January 22; The school announced in February that he would not return due to family medical issues.

This has given Pogot the opportunity to dominate. In NCAA competition, he has averaged 16.8 rebounds in five games. That includes 21 rebounds against the Duke and 22 rebounds against the St. Peters. “I feel like the best adult in the country,” Pagot said.

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Pagot was lying on the ground in pain for a minute against Duke on Saturday night. Translucent black 5:18 left. He banged on the bench without putting weight on his right leg and his hands had to walk across the court around the two teammates.

He said he was in a lot of pain at the start and he didn’t even think about returning to the game. Pagot walked towards the tunnel on the UNC bench, and said coach Doug Holverson’s speech gave him the adrenaline boost. Holverson noted that Joel Perry overcame ankle injuries in the run for the 2017 national title without any treatment.

4:36 The rest of the day, when Camille returned, he was reminded of a very disgusting version of the phrase “forget it” when a teammate asked him about his health. It was taken as a video and went viral on social media. He added on Sunday: “I mean, there are four more minutes to the national championship [game]. “

On Sunday Pagot said he did not think UNC would have won the game if he had not come back and played those four minutes. He was fouled out in 46.7 seconds.

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