At least two people have been killed in a Kiev missile attack

WASHINGTON – Republican and Democrat lawmakers have proposed legislation that would allow the US government to seize power. Russian oligarchy ‘ Direct funding from the sale of boats, artifacts and other property and humanitarian or military assistance in Ukraine.

The bill will be introduced in the Senate by Sense Shelton White House (D., RI), Lindsay Graham (R., SC), Richard Blumenthal (D., Conn.), And Roger Wicker (R., Miss.). The House edition of the bill is being funded by Representative Tom Malinowski (D., NJ) and Representative Joe Wilson (RSC).

United States, European Union, UK, Australia and others Study The assets of a few Rich and powerful Russians From the invasion of Ukraine. Western governments claim that these oligarchy has benefited from close ties with the Russian president. Vladimir Putin.

“Putin and his cronies are amassing their dirty money in law-abiding countries by buying mansions, mega-boats, artwork and other high-value assets. We must seize those illicit luxuries and use them to help the Ukrainian people,” Mr Whitehouse said in a statement on Tuesday. It would be an act of justice for a nation besieged by a dictator. “

The Seizure of property for the Ukraine Reconstruction Act It would allow the president to declare a state of emergency based on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and allow the federal government to confiscate more than $ 2 million worth of funds or assets from authorized Russians or foreigners affiliated with the Russian government. The bill would provide cash rewards to individuals or non-profit organizations that help identify assets to be seized.

Funds from the sale of property will be used to finance humanitarian aid, refugee resettlement and military assistance, as well as post-war reconstruction in Ukraine.

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