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Investor Relations

Trade99’s key feature that sets it apart from the rest is the diligence with which it deals with its investors, clients, and other platform users. Investor Relations (or IR) is a very crucial aspect of this platform as happy customers are a true reflection of the true success of any platform. IR basically takes care of the finance sector, communication, and marketing in order to make the communication between the company and the investor a smooth process. 

At Trade99, the user with the help of IR gets supported in the following manner:

  • It provides detailed information to the investor about all the trading possibilities, opportunities, any possible loopholes, etc from time to time. This ensures that the investor at Trade99 never misses an opportunity and is enabled to make smart investments as the opportunity arises
  • The investors are also kept updated with any changes made to the rules related to securities and stock exchanges.
  • IR is like a two-way road between the investor and the company through which the investor too can share his or her views and feedback to the company management and board

Investor Relations is a key factor that helps in constructing a healthy capital market for future financing.