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Energy Commodities

You can make intelligent investments in energy companies and gain profits by trading in energy commodities with Trade99.

Learn the joyous experience of trading energy commodities only with Trade99! Our easy to use trading platform offers dedicated services and security of trading energy commodities with the industry’s leading risk management tools.

Energy commodities are mostly hard commodities that are mined or extracted. They include renewable and non-renewable energy sources.

The most developed commodity market is in non-renewable energy sources that include fossil fuels like coal, oil (in various blends and grades), and natural gas. The price of these commodities is one of the most-watched economic indicators by traders, economists, governments, and businesses, given the correlation between economic growth and energy consumption. Oil was the first form of energy to be widely traded.

Due to the nature of obtaining them, energy commodity prices are influenced heavily by the weather, political and economic events, and global demand. Weather is especially important in the US Gulf Coast, where hurricane activity may halt production, leading to drops in oil inventories. Another factor is very harsh winters, which lead to increased demand for heating oil. Political unrest (such as Libya in 2011), sanctions (like Iraq in 1991 and Iran in 2013/2014) and production quota changes by the OPEC cartel are the greatest determinants of prices of energy assets.

We make you intelligently invest in energy companies to make a leveraged bet on the price of energy commodities.