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ETF Trading

ETF trading has gained great momentum for the last several years with its growth surpassing $50bn in June this year, thereby, growing by 30% every year.

ETFs seem to have revolutionized the way traders now trade the markets, so much so that some investors consider ETFs to be an ideal core for their portfolio. 

Owing to the simplicity and liquidity of these markets, retail investors and even institutions have shown an inclination towards it. If you are trying to venture into ETF trading or are looking to further hone your trading skills, Trade99’s ETF trading conditions can be the best bet. 

Trade99’s top-notch ETF trading options offer a range of popular ETFs to trade as CFDs. Open an ETF trading account with Trade99 and buy and sell thousands of ETFs directly with a minimal commission. Trade99 also allows you to access and invest in some of the world’s leading ETF providers like iShares by BlackRock, Vanguard, BetaShares, etc.

  • Market-leading trading tools & research
  • FREE tax & portfolio reporting
  • Leverage of up to 20:1
  • Long or short trade
  • Extensive range of markets