Masters Live Scores: The answer to Tiger Woods Augusta seems consistent

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The final day of Tiger Woods’ 2022 Masters match, the day before the tournament, was enough to be relaxed in the first round on Thursday, when the goal was to play a little golf.

With this in mind, Woods played nine holes with his favorite coaching partner, Florida neighbor Justin Thomas, and Justin Thomas, whom Woods considers his younger brother, and Fred, who sometimes served as Woods’ older brother.

The 62-year-old couple, the 1992 Masters champion, saw little change in his behavior since playing with him in training rounds earlier in the week, but as the situation continued, the team continued to laugh around.

“He’s a little more serious; He’s getting ready to roll, “the couple said.” In the first training round I played with him on Monday we both flew that day and we laughed so much. He was lighter. Today, he and Justin were very serious. They are getting ready.

Fans lined up holes played by the Woods team on Wednesday, cheering five-time Masters champion Woods on the tees and fairways, and watching in awe as he trained in different locations in each green.

Woods, who was more relaxed on Wednesday than the other days he coached at the Augusta National, said the couple seemed to be playing better for the club than any other day this week. However, Woods’ right leg was surgically rebuilt, causing him little pain.

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“There is pain, but he has handled it before,” the couple said. “As for his swing, I think he’s a little sharper and a little better.”

The couple added that after the horrific car accident on February 23, 2021, Woods returned to the Masters very quickly and he continues to be amazed.

“It’s a wonderful thing, I mean, 14 months ago I was worried about him every day and screaming like a baby,” he said. “Now you’re paired with him, he’s strong. He’s been successful enough to play this course, and he’s playing this course well. He knows what to do here. I think it’s amazing to be out here.

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