Mia Poncetto pleaded guilty to dealing with a black dean at the Soho Hotel

A California woman A black teenager at the Soho Hotel has managed to make a false accusation that she stole her cellphone He pleaded guilty Monday to a felony charge that arose from the dispute. Parts of it are widely reported in the video.

Under the terms of her petition, Mia Poncetto, 23, could have filed a new petition for a lesser, false charge if she had completed her probation in a drunken driving case in California, avoiding imprisonment. Authorities said he should continue to consult and not make any meetings with the criminal justice system for the next two years.

The Hotel episode is a top example of the false accusations that black people usually face in New York and elsewhere. It came months after a white woman called 911 and a blackbird watcher in Central Park falsely claimed her life was in danger. (Last year, Ms. Poncetto’s lawyer said she was of Puerto Rican and Vietnamese descent.)

Mrs. In a statement announcing Fonseca’s appeal, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Brock echoed his “rude behavior.” In overcoming Keon Harold Jr..In the lobby of the Arlo Hotel in December 2020, the 14-year-old son of a famous jazz musician.

“As a black man, I have personally experienced racism countless times in my life, and I sympathize with the young man who suffered in this incident,” he said. Brock said in the statement. “This request confirms Ms. Bonzetto’s appropriate liability by identifying the root causes of her behavior and ensuring that this behavior does not recur.”

Mrs. Paul de Emilia, Fonseca’s lawyer, said in a statement that he and his client “were pleased that today’s action brought this unfortunate misunderstanding closer to the final resolution.”

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“We appreciate the District Attorney’s thoughtful and sympathetic approach in finding an acceptable decision,” Mr. D’Emilia added in the statement. What happened that evening? “

Shortly after the debate on December 26, 2020, a video capturing parts of it began to circulate on social media, explicitly referring to the cry of the “many voices” angry public.

The video was filmed by Jazz Trumpeter Keon Harold, He stayed in Arlow with his son. When the two arrived at the hotel lobby for Brunch, they were approached by an unknown Ms. Poncetto.

The video shows tensions escalating rapidly, with Ms. Ponzetto insisting the teenager have a phone call, and Mr. Harold yells at the father and son as if insisting he’s doing something wrong.

“No,” she could be heard shouting. “I will not let him walk with my phone!”

The video also shows a man identifying himself as a hotel manager saying “I’m trying to help” when the young man appears to be confronted about the phone.

Separate footage recorded on the hotel security camera shows Ms. Poncetto coping with the young man. The phone was later found by Uber driver and returned.

Ms. Poncetto, who escaped from the hotel, was arrested in California about 10 days later, but not before attending. In a national television interview, apologizing quickly turned into an exercise in making excuses..

In Interview with The New York Times after the hotel episodeMr. Harold said those events had made him a “shellshock”.

“I wonder what would happen if it’s different, if it’s a black woman, if it’s a 14-year-old white woman,” he added in the interview. He also denounced the way the hotel manager had treated his son: “They thought he was guilty.”

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The hotel later issued a statement in which Mr. Harold and his son apologized, saying they were “deeply saddened by the recent unsubstantiated accusation, prejudice and assault incident against an innocent guest.”

Hate crimes were not included in the original charges of the case, however The district attorney’s office last year added two counts of unlawful imprisonment as a secondary offense.. At the time, Ms. Ponzetto pleaded not guilty.

On Monday, he pleaded guilty to a felony, a felony punishable by imprisonment under the Second Amendment. If she complies with the terms of the petition, she will be allowed to plead guilty to secondary aggravated assault within two years.

In his statement, Mr. D’Emilia said, “Ms. Poncetto wants Keon Harold to apologize and apologize for her behavior that evening and to allow everyone involved to move forward with extra intelligence and compassion.

On Monday, Mr. Harold said such an apology was not enough for his son to be mistakenly and aggressively attacked in the “lobby of the Arlo Hotel” in a “provocative attack” and that it would “reduce the shock to Keon, Jr.” . I continue to feel that way. “

“However,” he added, “not only do we blame Ms. Poncetto for this attack, but the Arlo Hotel has allowed it to escalate and move unhindered.”

Mr. Harold sued Ms. Poncetto; Hotel; The company that owns it, Quadrum Global; And the manager of the episode, Mr. Harold describes in court documents, “Another phenomenon in which African Americans fall victim to unsubstantiated allegations as they go about their daily lives.”

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Quadramin’s media department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Jonah E. Bromwich contributed to the reporting.

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