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Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds constitute one of the most prestigious markets in the world. They are ideal for long-term investors as it offers them with a diversified portfolio comprising of just a few investments rather than an extensive list of individual stocks to keep track of. If you love to take new challenges and make rational long-term investments, mutual funds can be a perfect choice.

Before you begin executing your investing strategy for mutual funds, it is essential to have an independent and objective overview of the real-time scenario. The industry experts at Trade99 help you streamline your investment agenda and opt for the best mutual funds from the wide gamut of mutual fund providers. 

The tools and resources provided by Trade99 help you analyze, compare, and evaluate different mutual fund holdings and thereby, make the appropriate choice based on their objective performance criteria.  Trade99 also provides 24/7 assistance to manage your portfolio effectively.

Why Trade99?

  • Reliable, Simple, Innovative
  • Focuses on no-transaction-fee funds
  • Customizable
  • Instant execution
  • Wide variety of funds
  • Regularly updated with new funds