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Adhering to regulations simply means being in sync with any given country’s law and order. Regulatory laws vary among countries. When it comes to trading across the international borders, the importance of following the regulatory demands becomes clear and obvious. Regulation not only gives a structure to any financial body or scheme, but also provides a lot of security, trust, and transparency.

Regulation is like a two-way process that opens up the user to the exchange and the exchange to the user. The rules of regulation dictate both the investor and the company; compels them to share the authentic identity of one another to ensure the required trust and freedom while trading.

Why Regulation Matters

Unarguably, complying by the regulation is a must for any company. Regulation helps in averting probable threats such as hacking, fraud activities, money laundering, and so on. There are many other reasons that render regulation as highly essential:

It protects both the users and the company from various legal accidents and probable dangers

It ensures safety and peace of mind at all times. In cases where there is international trading taking place, the law and order of the two countries can conflict just by being different in nature

As a trader, it is, therefore, highly important to know that your trading platform complies by all the required regulations

Regulation, in general, can be very helpful in clearing away the inflated misleading figures that crypto exchanges fake in order to boost their profile across social media.

Another issue that the crypto industry faces is the fake set of praises that are made to uplift the image of an exchange. This affects the new buyers and traders who are in the process of knowing the crypto exchange. It is a fake technique that can be easily combated by regulatory measures.

The regulation also protects society from hacking, fake multiple accounts by the same person used for malicious purposes, dodging taxes, the proliferation of Ponzi schemes.

Regulation promotes proper KYC and AML process that only lead to transparency and proper law and order

Trade99 Regulation

Trade99 abides by all the regulations required to allow trading of multiple assets on its platform. The top-notch platform always stays abreast of the latest updates and changes made in the trading regulations from time to time. Along with providing a comfortable trading experience, Trade99 ensures smooth and safe trading.