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Soft Commodities

We offer leveraged cryptocurrency trading using soft commodities as the underlying asset. Trade soft commodities with ease only @ Trade99.

With our expertise in financial analysis and highest accuracy standards, Trade 99 has conquered the commodity market!
Commodities are physical assets that are in high demand. Soft commodities are generally referred to as goods which are grown, for example, sugar, coffee beans, and cotton, to name a few. Agricultural commodities fall into the category of soft commodities. These include industrial crops and livestock, as well as food crops. These commodities are usually uniform in quality.

We offer leveraged cryptocurrency trading using commodities as the underlying asset, giving traders the opportunity to trade in the future market with the benefit of leveraged cryptocurrencies.
Trading commodities on an exchange can be complicated due to varying sizes, different exchanges carrying different commodities, and expiry dates. The advantage of leveraged cryptocurrency trades is that they reduce the complexity of trading. Leveraged cryptocurrency trading can offer lower trading costs, and there is no confusion which exchanges to go to for specific commodities.

Trade99 has brought fortune to a lot of customers in the commodity market. Our deep research in the financial market is adding more and more customers to our basket.