Victor Willis says villagers should have removed Trevor Nova instead of Kanye West

Victor Willis says villagers should have removed Trevor Nova instead of Kanye West

Victor Willis Kanye called the West Grammys ban ‘trouble’ and blamed Trevor Noah’s outcry. Blast.

Notice, The தொண்டா The rapper has been removed from the list of artists for the Grammy Awards for his online social media threats.

Last Sunday, DL wrote to Huckley on Instagram, “I can hurt you.” On Wednesday, Instagram’s parent company, Meta, slapped the rapper with a 24-hour suspension after he recorded a series of racial slurs live. Daily Show Host Trevor Nova.

This happened after Noah expressed concern over Yin’s former Kim Kardashian and criticized Kanye’s harassing behavior.

“What we see here is one of the most powerful, richest women in the world, could not stop texting her, stop chasing her, stop harassing her,” Noah said in her message Tuesday night. Show.

In the midst of it all, on Saturday afternoon, Willis, the lead singer of the village, said that it was the fault of Trevor Noah that Yeh had been banned and that Grammy Noah should have been removed as presenter instead.

Willis began his statement by saying, “While Kanye West’s behavior over time has been annoying and disgusting, the Grammys ban is equally worrying.”

“Before Trevor Noah got himself involved in Kanye’s business, he knew how to run the village (Kanye West was prepared for numerous recommendations),” he continued. Yeh has been nominated for five Grammy Awards.

“Trevor knows how Kanye is,” he continued. “Now Kanye has left the Grammy because Trevor Nova, as a guest, could not keep his mouth shut (at least until Grammy was over) which put the academy in a bad position with Kanye.”

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“I like Trevor, but Grammy must have thought of pulling him as a guest for getting himself into this mess,” he added. “Harvey Mason needs to fix this mess quickly. Let Kanye West do it. What are you saying?”

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